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Rock County High School Bulletin for Tuesday, March 20, 2018

REMINDER: Everyone should be reminded that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do!!!

SPILLS: If a liquid is spilled somewhere inside the school building, please find Ione or Marty and let them know so they can clean it up.

College and Service Rep. Visits: Interested juniors and seniors see Mr. Dohrman for a pass to attend.
Chadron State College-Thursday, March 22nd 1:00 pm in the Spanish room
University of Nebraska Lincoln-Wednesday, March 14th at 8:00 am in the Library
Northeast Community College-Thursday, March 15th in the library at 1 pm.

Seniors: Seniors please get your 5 pictures that you would like to have included in the Senior video to either Emma or Mrs. Anderson.  The 5 pictures should consist of a baby picture, a senior picture, and then 3 of your choice.  Digital copies are preferred but not mandatory.  If it is digital, you may email the pictures to Emma or Mrs. Anderson.

NECC Scholastic Contest and Quiz Bowl Students- Wednesday, March 21st departure time is 5:30 am from the high school with return time around 3:30 pm. You will be given a lunch ticket that day for the college cafeteria.

Congratulations on NVC All Conference Honors:
Girls Basketball
Caitlin Orton-1st Team
Jadyn Bussinger-1st Team
Miah Wiebelhaus-1st Team
Skylar Cosgrove-2nd Team
Lexy Heyden-Honorable Mention
Kylin Munger-Honorable Mention
Boys Basketball
Colton Munger-1st Team
Griffin Smith-2nd Team
Jakob Heerten-2nd Team
106-Tommy Klemesrud-2nd Team
120-Zac Palmer-2nd Team
145-James Polen-2nd Team

NVC Quiz Bowl: The following students are representing our school at the NVC Conference Quiz Bowl Tournament on March 26.
Alex Chavez, Brendan Bussinger, Charlie Gale, Angel Cook, Paxton Smith, Derian Schmidt, Kylie Beard, Suzi Smiley.

Girls Basketball Uniforms: get them handed in to Mr. McCleary by Monday, March 26th!

Quiz Bowl Practices:
Monday, January 15 @ 7 pm
Tuesday, March 13 @ 6 pm
Monday, March 19 @ 6 pm
Wednesday, March 21 NECC Quiz Bowl
Monday, March 26 NVC Quiz Bowl - All Day--Top 8
Monday, April 9 ESU Quiz Bowl --Afternoon--Top 8
Wednesday, April 11 State Quiz Bowl -- All Day -- Top 8 (Must Qualify)

Scholarships: Please be sure and check out the school website for a list of current Scholarships available to apply for:
UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship-Due July 31, 2018
Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship-Due Feb. 1
FFA Scholarships
Farmers Ranchers Coop-Due February 2nd
Upper Elkhorn NRD Senior Scholarship-see Mr. Dohrman for an application
Haven & Virginia Smith Scholarship-Due February 16
Mitchell Equipment Scholarship-Due March 15, 2018
Oxbow Animal Health Scholarship-Due March 2, 2018
Pheasants Forever Sandhills Chapter #471-Due April 1, 2018
GJW Scholarship-Due March 23, 2018
Jones Family Scholarship-Due March 23, 2018
Key-Rock Parish United Methodist ABIDE Scholarship-Due March 29, 2018
Eastern Star Scholarship-Due March 31, 2018

SOCIAL MEDIA: Students be reminded that it is strongly recommended that you are not to be on social media during school hours. Remember someone is out there watching a waiting.

Chain of Command: For Rock County Public Schools Activities and for the North Central Athletics, the following chain of command is in effect: (1) Activity Sponsor/Coach (2) Activities Director (3) Principal (4) Superintendent. If you have any concerns, please first contact the appropriate coach/sponsor.

7-12 GRADE ACADEMIC POLICY: The Rock County Public Schools Board of Education believes that academic achievement is important at every grade level. In the absence of credit requirements set forth by the Nebraska department of Education for students in grades 7 & 8, and in an effort to address academic achievement for students in grades 9-12, the local board of education will require a one hour mandatory Monday thru Thursday study hall after school beginning at 3:31 and ending at 4:31. This study hall requires any student in grades 7-12 whose name appears on the weekly ineligible list to attend. On days in which early dismissals are scheduled and Fridays, there will be no study hall. The mandatory attendance requirement may be temporarily waived if and only if the parent/guardian contacts the administration prior to the absence with a credible reason. The administration may also waive the mandatory attendance for an unusual or unforeseen circumstance. Any student choosing not to attend will be subject to further disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the administration. The list will be generated around 2:30 on Fridays and toward the end of the day the last day of the shortened week. The list of students required to attend after school study hall will be posted in the hallway throughout the week so students will not forget to attend. Students choosing not to attend and not be being excused will be required to make up the missed time. Parents/guardians will receive and e-mail and letter in the mail notifying them of their child's mandatory attendance for the following week. Students will also be notified and handed written notification.

DANGEROUS ITEMS: Students are not to bring dangerous items to school. Such items include, but are not limited to: guns, knives, firecrackers, and weapons of any kind. Such items will be confiscated. The student bringing such items to school is subject to long-term suspension/expulsion, and the items may be turned over to law enforcement agencies for further action.

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